• CINX is pleased to offer our Addin for Autodesk
    Fabrication’s CADmep and ESTmep modules.

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Only $1,100 per company location Annual license fee which includes software, price updates, and support

Estimating Features

  • Unlimited price updates from Harrison Publishing House
  • Automatic price updates – no manual file downloads required
  • Update previews showing price and status changes
  • Remove unwanted items or price sheets from update files
  • Choice of price types to be used (List, Buy, Sell, Estimate)
  • Post-processing reports for distribution to other estimators
  • Creation of custom update files

Detailing/Shop Features

  • Automated project synchronization with CINX
  • Display items by spools
  • Filter items by any Section, Service, Zone, or Drawing
  • Assign Cost Codes, Work Orders, and more to items
  • Define packaging, labeling, and delivery information
  • Create material requisitions to be delivered to purchasing
  • Track material procurement status

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there different installers for CADmep and ESTmep?

  • No, the same CINX Addin installer will load the necessary components for both Autodesk products.

Why do we need to have at least Version 2015 to use the Addin?

  • The CINX Addin requires the use of the Autodesk API which was first made available with the 2015 release.

How do I launch the Addin?

  • In both products the CINX Addin is located under the Addin menu/ribbon.

Can anybody use the Addin?

  • Yes, any CINX user with an Autodesk Fabrication subscription can install and use the Addin.

What if our database does not have HPH Codes?

  • If you are using the default Autodesk database from Version 2015 or later, your database will contain HPH Codes. If you have an earlier version and have not manually added our HPH Codes, HPH will review your options. Please call 800.890.0820 or

Does the Addin work with Building Data?

  • Yes, if you are a current Building Data customer the CINX Addin can be authorized to utilize the Building Data Identifiers.

Do our Jobs from Fabrication get updated in CINX?

  • Yes, your Autodesk jobs will be published to CINX. Each time the Addin is opened the model’s contents will be updated.
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